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Our social enterprise also aims to develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural or environmental issues from our local community.  But we need your help to keep the aims and mission moving forward. Help us fund our efforts both online and offline to empower youths and socio-economically vulnerable groups through Employment, Education & Training (EET). We cannot do it without you.

The Perfect Surrounding

Our association has developed contacts with several companies in the region, in different sectors of activity, which enables us to place, support and monitor the participants of our projects in the active working life. The contacts we have developed with these entities have been very enriching for both parties, as they benefit from knowledge sharing and interaction. 

The best experience

These initiatives allow the participants to be in contact with the work context of a different culture where they can apply the knowledge acquired. These activities especially allow them to develop their entrepreneurial skills and helping them build higher self-esteem and confidence. We also promote intercultural cooperation between people with different dynamic programs covering topics such as human rights, equal opportunities and promoting awareness of the need for voluntary collective solidarity, tolerance and social inclusion.

The Best Experience Ever

"It was a real incredible experience for me. Coming out of your shell, if you're in one, and making friends from around the world."
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Help us to make the world around a better, happier place.