Tree of Colours team is happy to announce…after postponed activity due to Covid19 that it is time to get active and make a change in 2022…

“Be active! Make a change in 2020!” it was a brand new project that we lead and took place in Ashford, UK. The topic of wellbeing was addressed through non-formal education activities. 

Our Erasmus+ project “Be active! Make a change in 2020!” it was KA1 Youth Workers Mobility. The project duration was 01.07.2019 – 30.06.2022. We had organised an international seminar in Ashford Kent UK, 17-24 April 2022 with partners from 8 countries: Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Romania, Latvia, Italy, Turkey and United Kingdom 34 participants involved, 7-day-lasting, aimed to create a foundation to build more caring, supportive and healthy communities by providing safe space for the participants to connect with their emotions, share experiences, develop positive attitudes and acquire tools and strategies to respond to the challenges of social issues effectively and with compassion. 

We used methods such as dialogue, group discussion and self-reflection, bodywork, meditation, stillness, movement, dance and play, sharing our personal stories and experience, learn from each other, exchange and identify practices, and create a shared understanding of what is necessary to bring more trust.

“Be active! Make a change in 2020!”, the 7-day-lasting international seminar with different 8 countries involved: Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Romania, Latvia, Italy, Turkey and United Kingdom, 34 participants, it was designed for youth workers/educators/ youth leaders/facilitators to improve communication and social skills of the youths. The topics addressed are well-being, inclusion and social dialog. 

Contact us for more information if you are interested.

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