Tree of Colours team is happy to announce…after postponed activity due to Covid19 that it is time to say…”Be active! Be Active! is a brand new project that we lead, taking place in Ashford, UK. The topic of wellbeing will be addressed through non-formal education activities. UK residents please register your interest with the application form. Limited spaces are for youth leaders over 30’s, however you can still register your interest. Our Erasmus + project is receiving participants from UK, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Italy, Romania and Latvia !

“Be active! Make a change in 2020!”, a 7-day-lasting international seminar with different 8 countries involved: Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Romania, Latvia, Italy, Turkey and United Kingdom, 34 participants, designed for youth workers/educators/ youth leaders/facilitators to improve communication and social skills of the youths. The topics addressed are well-being, inclusion and social dialog. 

Contact us for more information if you are interested to participate.

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