Training Course

8-14 September 2022 | Ashford, United Kingdom

Act now for employability skills!’, a 7-day-lasting ITC with different 7 countries involved: Italy, Romania, Greece, Croatia, Latvia, Bulgaria and United Kingdom, designed for youth workers to improve communication and social skills of the youths.

Youth unemployment is one of the most relevant challenges in contemporary Europe and countries around the world. The lastdecades could be characterised by a strong technological change, increasing inter-dependencies among countries all over the world and an everchanging labourmarket with strong demands affecting youth employability. As a response, the learning-by-doing methods may have a structural impact in terms of education and socialisation. This is the reason why we have developed this project, which aims to give the participants the opportunity to learn, to share experiences and to explore various tools, techniques and practices in working with young people on issues such as active youth participation, civic engagement, employability and inclusion.

‘Act now for employability skills!’ project aims to empower youth workers, youth leaders, trainers and other civil society activists to use tools to increase the employability skills of young people and support their employment.

Planned activities will be based on active participation and non-formal education methods such as focus group, brainstorming, simulation, role games with the aim to facilitate group dynamics, learning and sharing of best practices.


*To improve cross-competencies of participants such as leadership, prevention management and resolution of problems and conflicts, teamwork skills, communication, etc.

*To experience new methods which can be transferred to target groups or in personal life

*To explore how youth work can foster the employability among the young people especially through volunteering an active participation in civil society

*To improve the intercultural competences of participants by working in an international context;

*To improve and deepen knowledge of participants in the use of NF approaches and methods to enhance transversal skills for young people’s employability.

*To develop youth workers’ skills, competences and knowledge in positive physiology, teamwork, leadership and coaching;

*To develop their capacity to communicate in compassionate and non-violent manner;

*To assess and exchange good practices and common pitfalls; through youth work and how to ‘become a multiplier’;

*To create space for creating new networks and for the fostering of new partnerships in the framework of the Erasmus + programme.

The international training course is designed for leaders working directly with and for young people on a daily basis like youth workers, trainers, teachers, facilitators and community leaders. Funding is provided the British National Agency for ERASMUS+: Youth in Action, Key Action 1, Mobility of Youth Workers. Participants need to be willing and committed to fully participated during all sessions of the ITC and should furthermore commit to carry out agreed preparatory tasks and be willing to follow-up on the seminar outcomes via active youth work, ideally in co-operation with their partner organisation.

 The topics addressed are unemployment, inclusion and social dialog. The training course will take place in Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom. The event will start on 8th September in the afternoon and end morning on September 14th, 2022.