We are a non-profit organisation focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place. The purpose of the company is to engage the community in practical ways that stimulate employment and entrepreneurship.


Tree of Colours CIC works to promote non-formal education, exchange of knowledge and ideas, understanding and encouraging co-operation between the young people in a spirit of respect for tolerance and human rights. TOC cooperates with many different stakeholders from different sectors - public, business and civil society. The goal of the Tree of Colours CIC - London, is to help the sector of youth education by promoting and facilitating local and international training courses, experience exchanges, and enrich the knowledge of the participants by using non-formal education. TREE of Colours is a ‘not for profit’ Community Interest Company (CIC) promoting and facilitating the implementation of strategic partnership projects, with different partners, from public and NGO sector, in UK territory and across EU member states. A Community Interest Company (CIC) is a legally incorporated ‘social enterprise’ that conducts its business in an ethical manner and with a distinct social philosophy. We believe that through education we can improve quality of life, health and social activities of the people and communities, in relation to sustainable future development.

"It was a real incredible experience for me. Coming out of your shell, if you're in one, and making friends from around the world."

Dan Roberts


Youth Cooperation

✅To recognise youth activities and foster co-operation and an improved acceptance among the young people of the world by encouraging the exchange of information, ideas and opinions;

✅To increase co-operation and mutual support for youths with cultural, educational and social resolutions;


✅To empower youths to work together on issues related to protection of the environment and maintain a sustainable society;

✅To support and promote well-being of young people in order to increase quality of life;

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✅To encourage and stimulate employment through promoting opportunities in the fields of education, training, youth and apprenticeship, opening up access to education at all levels;  

✅To foster and promote diplomatic societies through recognition and respect for others;


✅To increase the tolerance among young people of different cultural realities;

✅To encourage the active participation of people in society without any difference in terms of social status, education, race or any other difficulty.

Our Approach

Tree Of Colours focus through non-formal education methods to rise tolerance and awareness between young people from different countries, cultures and traditions.  By exploiting a Global Education dimension and Intercultural Learning activities we promote a greater level of comprehension and active citizenship through the development of quality exchanges, seminars, conventions, meetings, study visits, training courses, and the creation of Non-Formal education resources.

Our vision is to support young people to achieve their fullest potential as global citizens.







✅ Improvement 







✅ Ethics

✅ Understanding


✅ Care of duty

We Transform Your Vision into Creative Results

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